A Unique Prague Journey: Learn About Its History Through Food

Prague is well-known for its cultural heritage. A vital part of that is undoubtedly local cuisine which offers wide variety of dishes. Come and see for yourself, or rather, taste for yourself.

World capitals tend have their specifics that other places lack. And not many central European cities have such well-preserved architecture as Prague. The result is medieval, historic atmosphere apparent while you walk through its streets and corners. In case you’d like to feel it and have a culinary experience on top of that, pay attention.

Cuisine with story

Czech cuisine started to evolve when first Slavic people came to the land of present Bohemia. It means local food has developed for over fourteen centuries and has gone through many transformations. These changes occured thanks to wars, religious conflicts, weather conditions, political regimes, different kings, people’s attitudes and more.

Food to be discovered

There used to be times when doctors praised spices like saffron for its supposed medical benefits and local meals were highly aromatic as a result of that. Other times, when thirty years war erupted, people had no choice but to eat meals based on flour as the army would devour much of the other food. Thanks to Food Walking Tour Prague, visitors have the opportunity to understand local history in culinary context.

Couples, friends and families welcomed

Prague culinary tour aspires to show you as much as possible in three hours. Furthermore, you’ll get tips to explore the city on your own. Be ready for 5 tasting stops, at least 6 drinks and 10 samples of different foods, desserts included. Get to know why they‘re important and where they came from, thus understand local people and history one step at a time.

Prague Food Tour offers private as well as open tours where you can meet people from all over the world. Best way to get a ticket is via website or by calling +420 910 902 505. In case you’re looking for a private event, do not hesitate to use contact form and e-mail address provided.